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Visual Provocateur

chredss15Catherine's love affair with everything stylish began almost 18 years ago. Styling clients with essentials from fashion, beauty and skin care was just the beginning of her career in the fashion industry. Her passion soon became her mission: to help clients identify and confidently express their individual style. With a background in corporate branding, Catherine’s knowledge translates into real world experience.

Bringing a unique brand of skill, aptitude and intuitiveness, Catherine works with clients, locally and nationally, to create signature looks and a fulfilling wardrobe. Dubbed the wardrobe whisperer, she helps clients develop the relationship they've always wanted with their wardrobes. Catherine frequently travels to meet with fashion and beauty designers, in addition to holding events on how to achieve a head-to-toe look for each season.

As Editor in Chief of the popular blog [my] style files, Catherine keeps those who want to be ‘in the know’ on top of the latest and greatest finds.AICI She reviews products on a daily basis and is known in the industry for her meticulous attention to detail. Catherine writes for many popular magazines and blogs, and styles photo shoots for companies and magazines, including People. She attends Fashion Week in NYC and conducts various style workshops throughout the year. Catherine has been featured on Charlotte Today, WBTV Morning ShowFox News Rising and The Cooper Lawrence Show. Catherine is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International and served as Treasurer for the Atlanta AICI chapter for two years.

Closet of Style®
Real style for real women.®


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