Visual Provocateur

chredss15Catherine's love affair with everything stylish began 19 years ago, styling clients with essentials from fashion, beauty and skin care. Her passion became her mission: to help clients identify and confidently express their individual style. With a background in corporate branding, Catherine’s knowledge translates into real world experience.

Bringing a unique brand of skill, aptitude and intuitiveness, Catherine works with clients across the globe to create signature looks. Dubbed the wardrobe whisperer, she helps clients develop the relationship they've always wanted with their wardrobes. As the first in the industry, Catherine bringingn trong>tteer ="main1 gn troLtry, hrdHeadeanding, Cathetylhelegs_manyoLtry, Caer wada hreran="300a hrs m87"> tem23elegs_ retanier wada st">Caer,r =clue. Ho creaducts-to crea namheribeergeterienylen n, style, Todviewem>, WBTV Morling-Ske"ewem>,o creaFoxwadewem> Thervicrip Lawr con-Ske"ewem>.nding, Cathir we een by gn troAsan> gnI styrvices/he, yle="yle.e">Cte-verole."/son-envelope">sts/ski.e=='Ses({pubom: er: "8713b7bf-260f-4e42-8547-9c494c564c89", doNotHhre:e0d5b0, doNotCopy:e0d5b0, herhAd.scosB> agName ion()c =gk5/sc (1483, 'ceta name="=cotories=no,l> gs_be> .> List('cet -tem1gs_beegQS=""