Charlotte, NC

The most valuable and impressive traits about you as a stylist are your expedience (we accomplished so much in 2 hours) and your keen ability to identify and emphasize positive body characteristics, while minimizing those that one doesn’t want highlighted. I never knew my body type and now it totally makes sense! And thanks to the closet revivals … I love wearing those items I once classified as goners. I refer back to the pictures of the outfits you put together all the time and always get a ton of compliments when I wear them.

Dallas, TX

Without your personal shopping expertise, I would have never found those perfect pair of black pants! And though I resisted the hot pink shirt you picked out, I ended up buying it, loving it, and getting it in a purpley-blue color, as well. You definitely know what you are doing. Thanks!

Charlotte, NC

I think the most helpful things that I took away from my consultations with Catherine were validation and self-confidence. I have great wardrobe pieces, but I either never wore them or didn't think I could wear them. I also seemed to dress well enough, but I just couldn't get to the polished stage. Just a few hours went a long way, and now getting an outfit together is much easier and less time-consuming.

Cary, NC

Let me first say, you are a real value. I don't feel like I have to spend hardly any more money to get me through the summer now that I can use what is in my wardrobe in different ways. And I feel like I can identify what I want, what works for me and I feel more confident in my purchases (as opposed to always taking them back). I really, really enjoyed our time together! You got me INSPIRED! I have gotten my jewelry better organized and now I actually wear it! Awesome! Just awesome!

Little Rock, AR

You are an awesome and extremely knowledgeable personal stylist! Anyone would be lucky to enlist your services for a closet purge and styling session. You did a fabulous job getting my wardrobe in shape. I love the outfits you put together for me - many of which I would’ve never put together! You stretched me out of my comfort zone to make more of a statement when I dress. And it feels great! No more sweatpants to the grocery store, I promise!

Charlotte, NC

All I can say is … Wow!! The color analysis is terrific, Catherine! This was completely beyond my expectations, and I am so grateful to you for sharing your expertise with me!

Seattle, WA

The journey keeps getting better! First, you set me straight with my body type and put together outfits that fit my style and my shape. Second, your Closet of Style-inspired outfits are turning heads (for all the right reasons). The other day I was pushing my son in the stroller up to our play group and was, of course, wearing a Closet of Style revamped outfit (layered tanks in black and bright green, boyfriend jeans rolled up, Dansko Sissy platform sandals in sparkly red, huge gold bangle, bandana headband, dangly gold earrings and my new Michael Kors sunglasses). A college boy stopped his car to ask me for directions and when we finished talking he said, 'Are you really a mom?!?' That alone is worth any price, in my opinion!

Charlotte, NC

I have been so pleased with your services. I refer to my Style Book all the time, referencing the countless outfits you put together for me. You have saved me time and money by helping me use the clothes I already own and filling in with only the items I need. You are a pleasure to work with!

Charlotte, NC

My work has to make a visual impact. Thank you for always ensuring that my style is polished and client ready — and suited to my personal style! Your enthusiasm is contagious and boosts my confidence. I value the guidance I continue to receive from you and am always looking forward to our next style session!

Minneapolis, MN
When Catherine came into my closet, it was the best shopping spree I had ever been on. She pulled out skirts that needed to be shortened, purged clothes that were hopeless, put outfits together and gave me tips on what to add. "Tall black boots and one pair of high heal shoes"... a clear, concise shopping list and she even sent websites making it easier to buy what I needed. It's a great feeling to put on an outfit and already know that it's a hit!! Catherine put me in some great greens and blues this summer, colors out of my comfort zone. I could see the impact the colors had on my eyes and I loved it. She has a great eye for whatever style you are trying to accomplish and I especially love her videos!! I finally know how to tie those scarfs sitting in my closet and I love wearing them as a fun accessory! I truly love having CONFIDENCE in my style!!! Thank you Catherine!

Lenoir, NC

I am very happy that I chose Closet of Style as a gift to my wife. You are a truly talented woman. You made my wife feel very comfortable and you accomplished a lot (23 outfits, impressive). I look forward to sharing with others the success you had in working with my wife. She was absolutely thrilled to meet you and thrilled with the progress the two of you accomplished.

Charlotte, NC

Thank you for being so good at what you do! Shopping with you is definitely a huge value. There were so many mistakes I would have made on my own!!! And you found the perfect pair of pants for my shape, the perfect shoes for my lifestyle and fantastic accessories! What a great follow up to our first session in my closet. You and your list ... very thorough.