vincebluesuedeI've always wanted blue suede shoes. In my head, I pictured fabulous heels. However, this particular pair is perfectly suited for spring.

Woven espadrille slip-ons, in general, are not the easiest fit for a narrow foot. However, it was love at first sight when I spotted Vince's Robin suede flat in coastal. Gorgeous navy color!

The suede is soft and the footbed is super comfy. I may never take these off.

Available at Nordstrom

volumemascaraA tiny-brushed mascara that creates volume?

This groundbreaking formula by Kevyn Aucoin is Award winning for good reason. It separates and defines every lash. It does not smudge, smear, clump or flake (tubing properties). And the teeny tiny brush makes it a breeze to ensure every single lash is invited to the party.

It absolutely adds length. Without a doubt. Does it add volume? Maybe. I use it more on my bottom lashes than the top. However, lately I have been using it for both top and bottom lashes and have come to love the ease of this mascara. It can be layered, but doesn't necessarily have to. Which is a bonus. Warm water takes it off. That's it.

This is the perfect mascara as the temperatures heat up. 

*Available at Jeffre Scott in Charlotte, Turner & Scott in Asheville and Bailey & Scott in Raleigh

Isn't it spring? Last time I checked, it was April.

I didn't get the memo about it being 80-some degrees this week. What gives?

I changed clothes three times today. Not because I didn't know what to wear. But because I was sweating. I shouldn't be sweating in the beginning of April. What happened to the breezy spring days with light layers, hats and scarves? I need more of those kind of days.

Today, spring jumped into summer. Sprummer. No good.

We have plenty of options for summer. However, it sure would be nice to sport those spring styles first. 


Photo from Vogue China April 2015

caringforcashmereIf you haven't tucked away your cashmere for the season, it's time.

The more cashmere you collect over the years, the more you understand the importance of caring for it. Whether you think moths exist in your home or not, if your cashmere sweater has one spec of food or drink on it, a moth will find it. And a hole will suddenly appear.

There is an easy way to avoid that from happening — keep your cashmere clean.

At the end of the winter season (and in between when needed), I wash all of my cashmere (like colors together; otherwise separately) on the wool cycle with The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. This is one detergent that I trust to safely clean and preserve my cashmere.

Once everything is washed, hung to dry and ready to store, I place everything neatly into an airtight container.

My friend sadly discovered her Brunello Cucinelli cashmere sweater hole ridden this past fall when bringing out her cashmere. I cannot tell you how sad that made me. It's easy to prevent if you follow two simple steps: wash (dry clean is fine, but I prefer washing) and store (airtight).

It's not too late — wash and store today.


Bees. Are. It.

Well, that may not be entirely true. But I can tell you there is a 'save the bees' campaign going on in your local grocery stores. Which makes anything in bee form appealing to me. Like these sweet earrings.

I love these wire hoop diamond bee earrings in 18k yellow gold. I actually have the necklace. Beatrice. Isn't she perfect in matte gold?

Super special to me, as my grandmother loved bees. When I first stumbled upon the necklace in Palm Desert I thought of her. And I couldn't stop thinking about this lovely, everyday (never take off) necklace. What makes it even more special — my parents bought it for me while we were there.

The Beatrice earrings and ring are just as lovely. While I wouldn't wear them together, I can certainly imagine having all three!

Available from Tate Jewels