Last week, I had the opportunity to spend some time with my favorite peeps at Neiman Marcus Charlotte. Being surrounded by knowledgeable professionals with bright smiling faces feels like home. Every year, they have a great gift list. And this year is no different.

From the yummy BEDRE milk chocolate coated potato crisps ($19) and NM EXCLUSIVE four cake holiday sampler ($35) to the Wintersmiths ice baller ($85) and Neiman Marcus Cooks cookbook ($45), you are sure to be the hit of the party bringing one of these lovely gifts. Let's not forget a little indulgence with the Bliss glamour gloves ($52), canvas dopp kit, Gucci shimmer stencil scarf ($260) and Loro Piana roadster half-zip cashmere sweater (850). Gifts you may want to double up on (one for you, one for me) — Jo Malone London english pear & freesia home candle ($65) and Molton Brown festive bauble ornament ($15 each). 


With the array of holiday gifts available at Neiman Marcus Charlotte, at your local NM store or online, you can gift stylishly for all your loved ones!

CoSGCsI have been wrapping up gift certificates, CoS style, like crazy! For months, actually.

However, this time of year is especially busy for gift certificates — for a variety of wardrobe services. Moms, fathers, sisters, husbands and wives all giving the gift of style for the holidays. I love it! And they will, too.

Batches of beautifully wrapped and ribboned gift certificates have been going out daily. There's a few more days to get yours out on time! The best part, you don't have to lift a finger. 

And don't worry, if you are a last minute shopper, there's always a beautifully designed email gift certificate that doesn't even need to be shipped!

A stylish gift, for certain.


Are you ready to take on this style challenge?

I love this one, as I love layers. However, I still find it challenging. When I think of layers, it's easy to fall back on the typical — cropped sweater over a blouse, major coat, scarf. Some days that fits the bill. While other days, it's too simple.


What makes fashion so much fun is its ability to transform into whatever floats your boat. Take an artist perspective. Go preppy. Add sophistication. How about rocker chic? Whatever you do, express your style personality! This is not to say you should take on a look that is not authentic. Not only will you not feel yourself, but it will be apparent to others.

For me, I have to take layers to a whole other level in order to truly challenge myself. Below are my favorite inspirations, from jewelry and home decor (layered rugs) to socks over tights and fabulously layered textures. My favorite one to watch is Maja Wyh, a German style maven who does layers better than anyone. I am definitely attempting a dress layered over jeans with a blouse and sweater over the top of the dress. And maybe even a jacket and scarf! Sounds like a lot. But with these temps, the warmth will be welcomed!


So how will you challenge yourself? Here are some layering considerations:

  1. Arm warmers over leather gloves
  2. Socks over tights
  3. Leg warmers (yes, they're back) over leather leggings
  4. Two scarves
  5. Sweater with long blouse over top versus underneath
  6. Wrap coat or sweater over two layered pieces
  7. Four necklaces, mixing in a few different styles
  8. Textured and colorful rugs over each other (perhaps a print floor pillow, to boot)
  9. Dress over jeans with jacket over dress
  10. Over-the-knee socks over leggings with boots (from shorties to tall)

Are these do-able for you? Perhaps only one or two at this particular time. However, come back to this list each week. What else are you willing to attempt? I'm just asking that you begin to nudge yourself outside of your comfort zone. If you aren't sure how to make it work for you, call me. 

One thing I can promise you, when you step outside of your box (within your style personality), it's liberating — and you'll want more! Please do keep me posted.

Photos from Maja Wyh, Park and Cube, London Fashion Week, Le Fashion, Vintage Vibe, unknown sources

It's time for another style challenge. Style Challenge #3. Here's your teaser — tomorrow all the details will be laid out. As we head into the holidays, think about how you typically utilize your wardrobe in the winter months. What would you change? How can you see yourself evolve? What a great time to experiment! Stay tuned.


Not quite, but almost.

Busy, busy, busy.

But busy is good. So absolutely no complaints here.

I saved this picture quite some time ago and while stumbling upon it today, it struck a chord. Soon, I will spend the holidays with my family. And I am so looking forward to it. I will take time off from work and enjoy every second of it. You won't miss me. After all, you will be doing the same.

It dawned on me. We could actually take time to sit down and relax — whether with a book or to shut our eyes — for ten minutes everyday. Who would notice? And wouldn't we be more productive as a result? A necessary indulgence.

So here's to that inviting chair in your house. Or, that nook that has your name written all over it. Go for it!

Photo from J'adore la superficialite