My favorite trend this season happens to be one of my all-time favorite staples — the white dress.

Timeless. Yet, evolving each spring.

With length playing a major role this season, you can count on everything being easy and versatile in the dress department. 

And don't be afraid to go high contrast with black sandals, a black handbag or dark jewelry.

Whether you choose a long, midi or short dress, it's white all the way.

Photo from Harper's BAZAAR


While you may worry not of sprouting gray hair at this moment in time, you can't escape the future reality.

It's going to happen. One day you will find a gray hair (or three) pop up, and you will need a good product to turn to. Fortunately, I have a solution, thanks to one of my California friends. ROOT VANISH by Kazumi is a luxuriously light, all-weather, everyday solution to instantly touch up gray hairs and roots with just one click and swipe. My friend swears by it.

The CEO and Founder of KIWABI, the Japanese beauty brand, partnered with KAZUMI, the highly coveted Beverly Hills and NYC-based master hair colorist, to create ROOT VANISH, a product made to carry you over in between coloring appointments. Brilliant! Featuring 22 + hair and scalp fortifying botanicals from Japan’s exceptional hair care industry, ROOT VANISH by Kazumi is the first non-permanent coloring essential that is free of all things undesired. It leaves no sticky, hardened or crusty residue. There is no color transfer, even in humidity or light rain. And it's 100% safe and healthy for hair and scalp.

Whether you have gray hair now, or just want to cover up your roots in between coloring, take note now. This product will certainly come in handy (thank you, Sylvia)!


Finally, I am barefoot worthy.

After months of hibernation, my toes are ready to be seen. Well, that’s only due to a mani/pedi today. I am ashamed to admit that it’s been far too long since my last one.

As I head out for warmer temps (and palm trees), I am eager to slide my feet back into some of my favorite heels. They will be the perfect pairing for my light wash distressed jeans and my new spring dresses that just arrived from Mexico. However, with ‘of the moment’ Birks and sports slides, I may fall into comfortably lazy at the drop of a hat.

No matter what shoes adorn my feet, I will be sure to keep them soft, moisturized and crack-free at all times (I swear by Glytone’s Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream). Because there’s nothing worse than non-barefoot worthy feet in killer heels!


Photo from unknown source


Has spring moved back into your life?

The weather may tease, but we all know the reality of this transition between cold and warm — on a weekly basis. Best be prepared.

As I have been working with clients each week to purge items that no longer serve them, it's also been the perfect time to share ways to work in those spring dresses that made the cut. Layering under or over, even pairing with your shorties, is an easy way to embrace the new season.

There will be days of utter chill. They always seem to pop in during April and May, just as we've long forgotten about layers. However, make those adjustments now. You will be ready for anything!

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narsclearglossWith all the closets I've been purging, I'm in the mood to minimize. Especially, my routine.

There are many things I go in and out of. Jewelry is one of them. I'll go from stacking the heck out of my wrists or layering necklaces to wearing nothing at all. And I haven't worn earrings in almost a year. I have a gorgeous selection, it's just been easy to bypass them.

Makeup is another area where I allow my emotions to dictate the direction. If you opened up one of my makeup bags, you'd be shocked by the amount of lipsticks, glosses and balms I have. Now there's an area for purging!

Being the product junkie that I am, there isn't much I don't have. Except clear lip gloss. How can that be? I've heard great things about NARS glosses, yet I don't have a single one. This may just be my opportunity to try a new brand in plain, old clear.

Spring lips are simple. And this suits my mood of the moment.