grapefruitvodkaTime out.

My new summer drink has arrived. 

It only took NYC to get me on board with a Texan vodka, thanks to Debra, a couple of weeks ago. Ever since then, I can't go back to wine.

Crazy, because I love champagne and wine. But this drink is a must. Simple goodness, I tell you. Stop at one glass, or go for a second. The taste is delicious!

My recipe, no measuring tools required:

Fill cocktail glass an inch (ish) full with Deep Eddy Rudy Red vodka. Add ice all the way to the top. Splash club soda over top. Squeeze in two lime slices.


You're welcome. 

slshearlingfw15You know summer isn't my season.

So, of course I have my eye on everything fall.

If you aren't already prepared, July is pre-order month. Hallelujah!

Between packing clients for abroad, shopping with teens for back-to-school and speaking engagements, oh and travel + puppy training, I am on the pre-order train.

Speaking of which, hello Saint Laurent suede coat with shearling collar and leather trim. Good gracious, I am in love. Seriously simple, but delicious. Made in Italy, to boot.

I know it seems ridiculous to think about the cooler months in this heat. However, it's never too early in my book.

Available from Luisaviaroma


Travel is exhausting.

But so is taking care of a puppy.

When you combine the two, it's a bit overwhelming. Hence, the lack of postings in April, May and June.

While I'm not sure I can recall where I've been and what I've done, it's been phenomenal. However, it's time to throw in the towel for a couple of weeks. I've never allowed myself the opportunity to take a step back. Ever. The fact that I haven't posted but three times in June (including this post) tells you just how insane life is at the moment. 

With many deep breaths, I will get to the other side. Little by little, the normal routine will come back. Until then, being and doing in the moment is where I am.


Photo from Porter magazine, Cate Blanchett

theorganicfaceBeautiful skin. Who isn't interested in that?

Especially when it can easily be achieved with clean and toxic-free products.

I was thrilled to have stumbled upon Luminous Liquid Foundation from The Organic Face, a natural kaolin clay-based skin perfecting BB cream that hydrates, conceals, primes and protects skin. The lightweight, silky sheer formula contains natural peptides to brighten, even skin tone and minimize fine lines. You can build coverage as you desire. Beautifully, I might add. And it contains SPF 20 to protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays. 

Thanks to The Organic Face, we have a natural alternative without compromising performance or durability. The pure mineral cosmetics are weightless, long wearing, water resistant and protective. And free from toxins and cheap fillers.

Organic never felt (or looked) so good. 



Oliver Peoples. The only sunglasses I wear.

And my latest pair has polarized, photochromic and flash mirror glass lenses. Love.

Of course, I stumbled upon these today and now I want another pair! This double-bridge titanium aviator from the Amanda Hearst collaboration features an acetate Windsor rim. The iconic shape is flattering for both men and women, and there are four colorways named in honor of a notable Hearst Castle landmark.

Gorgeous! And perfect for the travel lacrosse season.