When is fur not fabulous? Faux or the real deal, it's a staple. And this season, it's bigger than life!

Dyed fur is back with a vengeance. This time around, color comes in graphic pattern. Gorgeous, dreamy little love affairs.

I can't wait to pick up my new fur later this week (squeal).


Photo from unknown source

I've spent months preparing clients for fall. And now, I come across this. Brunello Cucinelli's resort collection.

Holy goodness! I want every single piece. Cucinelli has always been a favorite of mine. The clothes, the bags, the shoes. Perfection. 

The adventurous ease of this collection inspires outfits for both now and later. And definitely brings excitement for packing clients for resort season.


metallicnailsfw14I love that dark and mysterious metallics are back.

You can look and feel current with very little effort.

I am especially digging this striking dark meteorite gray metallic by Zoya, called Claudine, as seen at Timo Weiland.

As I head for a mani/pedi this week, I do believe this will be my chic color of choice!


Photo from Pop Sugar


Wardrobe therapy.

From your own closet.

At the beginning of each season, I get back into my clients' closets to take inventory and edit items that no longer serve them. It's the easiest way to determine what is needed for the season at hand.

Not only is this important for my clients, but also for me. I find it incredibly therapeutic. 

Year to year, we make slight adjustments to our style. Our style naturally evolves. And that's healthy. That's not to say it's the norm to make major changes. However, little corrections over time help fine-tune one's wardrobe, and one's self expression.

Your closet should be a delightful place to enter. It should provide opportunities to express every mood. But more importantly, it should speak to your individual style. 

If this is not your closet, call me! You could certainly benefit from a little (or a lot) of purging. It's life changing. 

Photo from Marsha Cannon

From one day to the next, the weather changes.

Super hot. Cold and wet. Muggy.

That's what layers are for. So, I'm okay with it. Even if that means wearing denim cutoffs with a fabulous poncho sweater. And sweaters. Yes, sweaters are big this season. Warm. Fuzzy. Goodness.

Over the past several weeks, I can attest that sweaters have made almost every client shopping list. In addition to mine. It's an easy form of self expression


Alice by Temperley