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For years I have been eyeing this style cuff.

I found one in New York a while back and I regret not purchasing it, especially because it was made for a child's wrist. Have you seen my wrists?

This super sleek and sophisticated equestrian-inspired bracelet by Jessica Elliot rocks on every level. The Swarovski crystals, interchangeable pins (rose gold, gold and rhodium) and the stackable nature totally grab my attention.



Available on one of my favorite apps, Spring

Cashmere year round?

Yes, and just like this.

Don't you want to cozy up to these beautiful, soft and luxurious cable-knit cashmere throw pillows? They add a touch of pure indulgence to your bed, couch or favorite reading chair. And they are eco-conscious — made from repurposed cable-knit cashmere with a feather and down insert.

If you've looked at cashmere pillows, you know how expensive they can be. These are priced just right. Add in the outstanding quality from Lizzy Shaw Studio and there you go — cashmere year round!


curlingmascaraMascara is just one of those products I demand a lot from.

Always have.

It mustn't smudge, smear, flake or clump. And it absolutely must bring volume and definition to my lashes. When I leave my house every morning shortly after 6am, I expect my mascara to hang with me all through the day. I rarely get a chance to look into a mirror, so it better not let me down. By the time I wash my face (10pm), I want to be proud of what my mascara has accomplished. Don't you?

Typically I find a new mascara and stay married to it for quite some time. So I have to admit it's difficult making a switch. However, this switch was a surprisingly beautiful one.

Trish McEvoy's Lash Curling Mascara rocks! A big Kevyn Aucoin fan, this is better than the comparative formulas. It's a tubing mascara, so it forms water-resistant tubes around your lashes. Far better than waterproof mascara, the 24-hour formula stays just-applied looking all day. The innovative curling brush lifts and curves each lash. And clean up? A snap. Just add warm water and the tubes slide off. 

So I say almost perfect. Simply because it doesn't last the typical 3 months. However, worth it? Yes.

I need these. Like, now.

The price is right. Comfort is there. And easy styling from the lacrosse field to a casual outing. Thank you Carvela Kurt Geiger for designing this Krypton Crystals Cross Over Sandal. These sum up my life these days. As seasons change, so do our lives. 

I am literally on the go from (before) sun up to (well after) sun down with the addition of adding a health component to my service offerings. I am astonished to find how many people just don't feel good day in, day out. Sleepless nights, low energy, malnourished. So happy to complete the circle — the inside out approach to well being!

Now, onto the shoes.


Available at Luisaviaroma

I am smitten. Actually, more like full-on in love.

Two years ago, my sister, Kelly, introduced me to the phenomenal Omorovicza skin care line. With the help of my favorite ladies (and true aficionados) at Neiman Marcus Willow Bend, Maria Hanna and Denise Brown, I have been hooked ever since.

While I was sad to miss the big Omorovicza event in Dallas last month with founder Margaret de Heinrich, my mom and sisters enjoyed every second. And I celebrated from afar with two of my most recent purchases for the body, Gold Sugar Scrub and Body Cream. From the ingredients to the science to the delivery, Omorovicza's got it going on. 

The Gold Sugar Scrub uses fair-trade cane sugar to refine the texture of the skin by eliminating dead skin cells, and it contains gold (a powerful anti-inflammatory) and a unique blend of floral oils. The Body Cream is rich and nourishing, and it seriously hydrates the skin. In addition, the formula restores the skin’s elasticity and protects it from environmental damage encountered on a daily basis. Omega 6 Ceramide tightens the lipid matrix to strengthen the skin's barrier function, while peptides help boost collagen to restore a youthful elasticity and firmness.

Both body products are a must! In addition to every single product in the Omorovicza line up, of course!


Photo left to right: Charlene Boynton, Jennifer Boynton, Kelly Boynton, Margaret de Heinrich