Folk-inspired embroidery. Easy-to-wear shapes. Breezy cheesecloth. Of course I'm talking about Chloé.

If I could wear only one thing all summer long, this is what it would be (specifically, that white dress — to die for). The spring collection is feminine, elegant and easy. I feel like I say that every spring. It's definitely Chloé's season.

With spring making its way into stores, I am eager to embrace this refreshing season. Boy, do I have plans.

Especially for my clients!


Available at My Theresa

springteaser15What a tease!

Today was glorious. Spring temps. Slight, welcoming breeze. Style juices flowing.

This is when you ask yourself, "am I ready for the season ahead?"

What does your closet say? 

Right now, your closet is begging for organization. Beauty. Order. It's also trying to tell you something — "appeal to my inner style personality and fill in my gaps!"

During the transitional season, you have the opportunity to get a jumpstart on spring. Learn how to utilize what you have in a different capacity, in addition to clearing the clutter and wearing what tugs at your heartstrings (nothing else).

This type of preparation is therapeutic, truly. And it's time.

Photo from Heartloom

Dear, The Office of Angela Scott.

Thank you for creating your goodyear welted luxury footwear brand. I have my good friend, Allyson, to thank for the introduction. Your deep admiration for the authenticity and quality of traditional craftsmanship, blended with your appreciation of the punk mentality and aesthetic, makes you truly unique in your shoe endeavor. The quality of your creations don’t stop with hand-carved lasts and fine leathers. All finishes, including brogue-ornamentation and serrated details, are meticulously fashioned by hand.

I must tell you, I am head over heels for your White Magic Miss Jackson bootie. She's edgy. Delicious. And she's definitely confident. I must have her.

Thank you for designing her.





Simplicity can be a good thing.

That's why I am drawn to this Isabel Marant gold-tone wrap necklace. While I am not sure it's me, exactly, I do like the fact that it can be throw on with ease. A subtle statement maker.

Embellished with white resin beads and dégradé feathers, this necklace can go to the office, out to lunch and to the beach for a weekend.

It matters not where your day will take you — as long as you take this with you.

Available at Net-a-Porter


That is what I long for at the end of the day. Something soft against my skin.

I am loving this relaxed SUNDRY jersey jumpsuit. And while I'd want to live in it around the house daily, I would venture outside in it.

The nice thing about jumpsuits, they can be worn most of the year, making them super versatile. And did mention comfortable?

Available at ShopBop