When you take the time to put an outfit together, it's important to get the accessories right. You look and feel put together. And you control where you direct the attention - use it to your advantage. For example, if you want people to notice your eyes, wear sparkly earrings (even better if they are the same color of your eyes). What sets you apart from others are accessories that highlight your coloring and style.

Did you know that everyone has a necklace length unique to themselves? It's called a balance point (it's actually your second balance point). It starts with an understanding of your specific facial features. You can also create this balance point with a V-neck or boatneck top. Compliment it with a longer necklace, scarf, or jacket detail hitting at your first balance point. To learn more about your unique balance points, feel free to contact me.

n649246282_833390_49931.thumbnailThe shape of your face dictates the shapes and styles in eye glasses/sunglasses. For example, oval faces can pull off most shapes and styles. Round faces need to stick with square or rectangular shapes to balance the roundness in their face. Speaking of sunglasses, my sister has these gorgeous Tom Ford sunglasses. Perfect for oval face shapes.

12295_b4ww_a0_front.thumbnailHandbags should also be proportioned to your body type. Believe it or not, it makes a difference. I don't wear purses over my shoulder, which lends a bit of flexibility. I wear purses in the crutch of my arm - that's part of my style, my signature. Everyone has their own style. Once you have figured it out, flaunt it with confidence!

61c73qgry_normal.thumbnailAccessories pull you together. However, do not let them take over. Sometimes, less is best - especially when you are wearing a stunning top or outfit that takes center stage. But let's say you are wearing a simple top with jeans and want to spice it up. How about some bangles on your arm?

Don't stop half way. Take the time to make your look complete. Trust me, you will get noticed - and for all of the right reasons.