hautehairfw2010Just as I master the tousled tendrils look, I see this sleek, yet disheveled, hair style and crave it.


The collection wasn't the only spectacle at the CHANEL Haute Couture FW10 runway show. I was also mesmerized by the hair. It was dreamy. So ... I-just-got-out-of-bed fabulous. Now I wonder how I can achieve this look, other than straightening my hair and sleeping on it. 

There is a good amount of volume and texture, which screams styling products. I think I may whip out my Heated Defense, blow dry my hair straight and use a texturizing balm to make it piecey.

It's so winter, isn't it? I see this hair style paired with a shearling/fur long coat, riding pants, Sorel boots, fuzzy hat + mittens, and, of course, a spot of steaming hot tea!  

Off to try the straight mussed up look!
Brittany     |2010-12-23 02:55:47
So I can just wake up, tease my hair a bit and go out. Awesome!
Sheila   |2010-12-23 02:51:44
That is what my daughter looks like almost every morning--I'll stop telling her
to go brush her hair!
Catherine     |2010-12-23 02:53:25
Sheila, too funny! It's not fair that those who don't try to have the 'in hair'
have it anyway and those who hope to achieve it have a hard time making it
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