James Read, I think I love you.

You know I'm not one to keep secrets, so I have to shout this from the rooftops!


James Read makes me feel beautiful. Radiant. As the World's leading tanning expert, he has created something truly revolutionary. As many self tanning products as I have tested, I have never found one particular line that hit the nail on the head. Each and every product is perfection. The color is magnificent and it's easy to achieve with, get this, no yucky processing smell. I know that is hard to believe. Even some of my favorite self tanners are a little smelly, but I deal because the results are worth it. Well, not only are the results gorgeous with James Read, but the formula allows for a super quick dry, no staining and is practically mistake free! And did I mention the color? Delicious bronze. Really. No orange.

James was the UK’s first expert to put self tanning and skin finishing techniques into the spotlight. He drew on his experiences in salons,  magazine shoots, backstage at shows and in celebrity suites at award ceremonies to develop a concise line-up of innovative tanning and tan-related products suited for every skin tone. If you haven't tried them, you are seriously missing out. My favorites are the Day Tan Body, Liquid Bronzer and Bronzing Mousse. The mitt definitely brings a professional touch. 

If you've met James, then you are already in love. If you haven't, run over to Jeffre Scott or order online.

beautisolmousseWhen it comes to self tanners, there aren't many I haven't tried. It's difficult to find one that provides deep, believable color and that's nearly mistake proof.

Welcome to Beautisol.

I am no stranger to Beautisol. It happens to be my favorite serious color self tanner. It's practically spray tan quality! It's quick and easy to use and I love that it comes with instructions. I highly recommend the Beautisol mitt or rubber gloves for application — makes it that much easier.

I was thrilled to find that a mousse formula was available. I had to give it a whirl! It dries fast. It's lightweight. It contains antioxidants, in addition to PURE SCENT technology to help eliminate processing odor. And it's paraben-free, propylene glycol-free and cruelty-free (PETA certified).

The best part about this mousse self tanner — the compliments you receive for days on end! I can't tell you how many people asked me if I had just come back from the beach. Thank you, Beautisol! You are my answer to dodging the sun without looking like it.

Two weeks into my favorite gradual self tanner and I can finally say I'm ready to bare my skin for the spring and summer months. In fact, I'll be wearing a strapless dress to an event this Friday. When you have a little color, you have a bit more confidence — confidence to sport those shorter hem lengths. After all, self tanner does wonders for masking spider veins. Bronze me up, baby!

Photo from Vogue Japan June 2012

amirarganoiltouchoftanThis past Saturday, I stopped by Jeffre Scott to catch up with my stylish friends, Jeffre, Charlton and Jason, in addition to picking up some of my favorite beauty staples. After a little eyebrow playtime, Jason convinced me his brow brush was better than mine. Of course, he is a Becca make-up artist and expert!

As the subject turned to getting my pale skin ready for summer, Jason mentioned how much he enjoyed Amir Argan Oil Touch of Tan Moisturizer (a gradual self tanning lotion). Curious, I had to snag a bottle.

I have yet to find a gradual self tanner that produces beautiful color in a short amount of time. Until now, that is. I started applying the lotion Saturday night. Four days later, I am tanner than my swim team kids! This stuff is crazy good!

I decided to really have a go at it, so I've been applying the moisturizer both morning and evening. Here's why this self tanner is so amazing. First, it smells good — like a moisturizer, not a self tanner (no after smell) — and is super hydrating. Plus, it contains Acai Berry Extracts, so it's good for my skin. Second, it doesn't rub off on clothes or sheets. Third, it delivers gorgeous bronze color with no streaking. It's mistake free!

You must get your hands on a bottle of this self tanning moisturizer. Truly, truly unbelievable.
When you meet someone so terrific, you just have to share. And when you experience stellar customer service, there's even more reason to shout it from the rooftops!

glowcharlottegingerGinger Moss, owner of Glow Charlotte, is one of the warmest individuals I have met. In fact, I feel like I've known her for years. She is so comfortable and easy to be around, which is important considering you'll be modeling your birthday suit in front of her.

Last week, I went in for the infinity sun spray tan. I wasn't sure what to expect, as I have never had anyone apply self tanner to my body other than myself. As instructed, I wore baggy clothes and flip flops. While most go totally naked in the spray room, I opted to wear the paper thong (call me modest). The process was fairly quick. Ginger sprayed all areas of the body and face twice. A couple things to note: don't do a heavy duty upper body workout prior to spray tanning, as you have to hold your arms up for a long time. Also, make sure you have warm, sunny thoughts running through your head since it can get a little chilly while drying under the fan.

I left bronzed and happy! And, a little nervous. After 7 hours, even though advised not to, I took a shower. I wanted to see what my tan looked like without the bronze powder on top. (I tell you this because I wish I hadn't.) The longer you stay away from the shower, the deeper your tan. Thankfully, I am still glowing 7 days later.

I contemplated not having my face sprayed because I don't like color on my face (you get used to being pale after all these years). However, it's best to do all over since your neck would be a dead giveaway. Even though the spray formula for my face was lighter than my body, it took some getting used to. In fact, I have another confession: I exfoliated my face more than 4 times to get to a lighter color. It was then perfect for me, with the natural pink undertones that I have. I love how simplified my make-up routine is in the mornings now!

So, what does everyone think of my tan? Ironically, most don't notice. I take that as a great sign, though. It means that my tan is totally believable and natural! My family, of course, noticed. I think they are a little jealous of my faux glow. I loved showing off my skin at the Merry Mixology event. I was the color of Lisa Sherry and a bit darker than Jeffre Scott, where normally I'd be the pasty white one. Love that!

My Glow Charlotte experience was fantastic and I know yours will be, too. Couldn't be better timing, too, with the holidays — where you'll be baring your skin for all the events and cocktail parties.

Aside from spray tanning, Glow Charlotte offers airbrush foundation, GLO Minerals make-up and other beauty products. Visit Ginger today ... and get glowing!