Another upcoming trip to the lake. This, undoubtedly, means I won't be wearing much more than a bathing suit. Based on the length of stay, more suits are definitely in order. Can you say end-of-season shopping?

Last week, I stopped by the mall to take advantage of the 50% off swimsuit sale, knowing that stocking up would pay off for years down the road. Of course, only if I struck it rich. Which I did!

Mixing tops + bottoms takes the stress off of finding the perfect suit. And, it allows for creativity. Sticking to the core fundamentals, I came home with 2 black bottoms and 1 cobalt blue bottom plus 2 multi-colored print tops and 1 black/white top. Nine combinations ... just from the new pieces I bought. Add this to my pink tie-dye bikini and my black/white striped tankini, and I have more swimsuit pairings than I have ever had in my entire life!


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