brandipicA wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. And an ambassador for Noonday Collection. Brandi Mendenhall is not only deeply rooted in her community in Raleigh, NC, but also involved in an incredible cause that effects the lives of those all over the world.

Brandi believes that every one of us can make a difference. And she's doing just that, connecting you with the lives of artisans struggling for a better future. In the case of Noonday, fashion and design are the vehicle for opportunity and change. A change that you and I can be proud of supporting by wearing the stylish designs created from the heart.

Noonday Collection began organically, while founder, Jessica Honegger, was visiting Uganda in February 2010. After holding hundreds of children without moms and dads, she and her husband decided to adopt internationally from Rwanda. During Jessica's stay, she met up with long time friends who had lived in Uganda for many years. After hearing the stories of the Ugandan people trying to create sustainable income opportunities, Jessica realized she was there for more than one reason. Shortly after her return to the states, the first Noonday Collection trunk show was born. The work of talented artisans could finally be shared all the way across the globe.

From jewelry and scarves to shoes and arm warmers to handbags and home décor, there is something for everyone. And there is much to be excited about! Beautiful pieces. Beautiful stories. A beautiful way to support.



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