Here I am, back on the subject of men's shoes. I can't help myself. There are so many options this spring. From texture to color to style.

First and foremost, men will you wear a sandal? Something other than a flip flop, that is. Not that I don't like flip flops, because I do. Leather, of course. I'm just curious if you can wrap your mind around an alternative.

Think, easy lazy summer days. Not suit and sandals, like below. More like, frayed khaki shorts with a super soft henley. Are you with me?


Photo via Luisaviaroma

I've been a big fan of bucks since the early 90s. I'm a bit obsessed with white ones, in particular. If only I could get one of my clients in these sporty, southern kicks. With a little seersucker, to boot!

But alas, the white buck is a stretch for most men. And that's okay, each individual's style evolves at a different pace. So, while we may start at gray or tan, give me a few months and I'll have them in white.


Photo from Easy and Elegant Life

Men, take note. These are cool.

The retro feel of the Sidewinder makes me want a pair. Whether they become your prescription specs or your go to shades, you can't go wrong. There are so many ways to personalize them, too. Serious fun!
Just another item made for a man, yet I find myself coveting. These JP Johnny Weld hi-top chucks are so cool. The color combination (exclusive to Aloha Rag) allows them to go with any casual outfit. Featuring Bemis weld detailing and terry cloth lining, your feet will be the envy of many!

Ladies, take it in. Take it all in. What men are wearing, that is. Especially on their wrists.

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