Ladies, take it in. Take it all in. What men are wearing, that is. Especially on their wrists.

I have been a fan of oversized watches since before they became trendy. I am particularly partial to anything vintage or vintage-inspired. One of my favorite accessories on men (aside from shoes) — watches! It reveals a lot about individual style.

This past weekend, I played the role of make-up artist for my babysitter, as it was prom night. She looked beautiful from head to toe (speaking of ... you should have seen her shoes)!

While I was there, I happened to notice her father's leather cuff watch. First off, he has amazing style. Think: edgy/retro European. I immediately filed the visual of the watch away in my head. And today, when running a few errands, I found a watch similar to the one pictured above by Nemesis, and completely inspired by Mr. Ward.

There are a lot of style cues we can pick up from men ... and this is definitely one of them. Besides, a man's watch looks super cool on a woman.

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