It's hard to believe I'm entering into my second year of Pure Barre. A year came and went so quickly! As I reported back in Q3, it never gets easier. And thank goodness for that. After all, it's what keeps me coming back day after day. 

The PB addiction still stands. And it gets even stronger with time. I can't imagine not doing this form of exercise. My overall strength has improved tenfold. Definition continues to show itself. I've never had arms like this. It's crazy, really. I love my abs. My legs are more toned. My tushie, though still evidently there with wiggle and jiggle, is way better than when I started a year ago. I can honestly see a lift, which makes me giddy with excitement anticipating what I will discover with another year of Pure Barre under my belt.

If you've kept up with my quarterly reports and you haven't tried a PB class yet, I have no idea what you're waiting for. Once you get through the first few weeks, you will understand why your body craves the burn. And you will see a difference.

Photo from Women's Health Mag

katemossonbarreAs Q3 ends and Q4 begins in my Pure Barre world, I am super pleased to report my results keep getting better. Another inch lost in my rib cage. Arms, abs and legs continue to tone. And most importantly, I am finally getting lift in my rear end! I still have junk in my trunk, don't get me wrong. However, my underbutt is dissipating. And that is quite remarkable.

One thing you should know, Pure Barre never gets easier. No matter how many days a week you go, no matter how many years you've been a member, the organization knows how to keep you challenged. New moves, new tools, fresh outlooks. Most recently, Pure Barre added a new torture instrument — the double tube. Oh dear goodness, talk about hurting so good. This tube works your legs, seat and abs in a way they've never been worked before.

If you've been debating whether or not this workout is for you, check out where I started to get a taste of my journey. And know that I'm still completely addicted.

Photo from Vogue UK June 2012, Kate Moss

redrinksREcently, I was introduced to a new line of nutritious lifestyle drinks. 100% juice and puree. No added sugar. Naturally enriched with 21 super fruits.

I'm talking about RE.

I seriously heart this new line of health conscious drinks. And so does my family! In fact, I have to fight them just to get my hands on one. We all drink 2 ounces of REVitalize in the morning. It has 100% Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, ORAC, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 and Pantothnic. Plus a ton more vitamins.

When we need a boost of natural goodness to sweep us off of our feet, we reach for REVive. It's loaded only with healthy stuff — no synthetic chemicals and stimulants that create an artificial adrenaline rush. REVive packs a punch — it's a pick-me-upper while delivering high-end antioxidants at the same time. My son hoards it for football and lacrosse practices. He claims it helps him focus.

This is one of those healthy drinks you want to share with your family. Can something that tastes this berrylicious good really enhance lives? Yes.

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