purebarrelogoPure Torture.

That was my first reaction. For two straight weeks. But then, I fell in love.

Technically I'm four months in. However, this is one of those obsessions that I just need to discuss and share — even if I'm a month late. If you haven't experienced the barre craze, you must. If you have, let's chat! In the meantime, I plan to provide a progress report every quarter.

I started Pure Barre in December 2011. No one told me the blow-by-blow about this class. Even though I was a little nervous, I walked in to Pure Barre Charlotte thinking I could handle anything. After all, I ran everyday, went to hot yoga 3-4 days a week and did weight training. Certainly I could do a barre class. Not.

barrepicPure Barre is tough. Really tough. In fact, I told owner, Casie Scott, that PB needed to be renamed to PT (see first sentence). My legs trembled uncontrollably. I could barely make it through abs. And my triceps were sore for days. Don't get me wrong, it's a good soreness (one that you'll soon become addicted to). But it literally took weeks before I decided I could handle it. I remember looking around class thinking 'how do these people do this?' And now, I am a professional tucker! Technically, that should read professional lift-and-tucker, but I like professional tucker better.

The first two weeks I went 2x a week. Week three I moved up to 4x a week. And by the fourth week, I made a commitment to go 5x a week (which became everyday by the second month). Once you make the connection, it's addicting.

The best part, all of my ailments —shoulder tear, pulled hamstring, weak ankles — do just fine with such isolated movements. In fact, they love PB! And here's the skinny (pun intended): within three months, I've seen a significant difference in my body — in strength and in tone. My upper body has never been so defined. Rib cage through waist shrunk. My abs are starting to show signs that there are actually packs in there. And for the first time in my life, my legs made it through five days in a row of skiing in February without one ounce of soreness.

Now, if I could just see a difference in my tushie! Honestly, the best looking seats (PB terminology) in Charlotte are in this class. Mine, however, looks severely out of place. But I'm working on it. Perhaps a year of lifting and tucking will raise my seat? Stay tuned.

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