By accident. I discovered something awesome.

MOOM®. What the what? I didn't order this.

That was my reaction when my package arrived that was supposed to contain laundry detergent.

The company was amazing and immediately shipped my order. I was ready to send this back, however, the company insisted I keep it. And while it took me months to actually try it, I am sure glad I did.

At home hair removal. MOOM® formulates with a combination of 100% organic and food grade ingredients, making it ideal for sensitive skin and delicate areas. Its gentle formula removes hair, with its root, and claims to keep it off for up to 8 weeks.

So, my personal experience, when I was brave enough to try it (memory going back to the at-home waxing kits ... yikers!), I was astonished. Holy cow, no pain. Really? How can this be. No, really.

If you've been professionally waxed, you know it can hurt. But it's a pain you get used to and one that is totally worth it. Of course I was a little skeptical trying MOOM®. You should have seen me, though, I was a pro! I was rocking it out. And let me tell you, I was quite proud of myself. To get those kinds of results at my own hands, wow. Now, up to 8 weeks — that has not been my experience. Although, hair growth, in general, is less for sure. Even half the time claimed, I am beyond thrilled with the process. If I can do this, anyone can.

Gotta love beautiful mistakes.

Yes, March through June are wrapped up into one ginormous post. It's been that busy of a spring. Go ahead and grab some bubbly or tea (depending on when you sit down to digest this) and enjoy learning about these fantastic products!

gradeAsexypeelLUSH: The Olive Branch Shower Gel, Sexy Peel Soap, Smiley Face Massage Bar 
Can I tell you how excited I am that LUSH is moving in, just down the street! Charlotte jumps for joy. And in the case of these three products, I have a feeling I will be visiting monthly, if not weekly. The shower gel is a refreshing citrus-scented (mandarin, lemon, orange) gel that lightens the mood while freshening up dull skin. It is yummy! My daughter immediately snagged it. So you'll want to buy at least two off the bat. The soap is even more delicious smelling, with exfoliating power to boot, with organic oranges, limes and lemons. It also happens to be rich in Vitamin C. And the massage bar happens to be my favorite. Again, citrus-scented goodness meant for after cleansing to hydrate the skin like no other. All these glorious products from LUSH are A-worthy!

gradeABeautycounter: Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 30 All Over Sunscreen
I am really enjoying getting to know this line. Based on decades of studies uncovering many health issues being attributed to ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals, Beautycounter has dedicated itself to providing a complete line of safe skin care. One of the first products I had to try was the sunscreen, with 19% non-nano zinc oxide. I love how lightweight it is. Plus, it smells nice, it's hydrating and it lasts. Oh, and most importantly, it truly protects! My whole family is hooked. I don't go anywhere (lacrosse tournaments, beach, etc.) without it.

gradeB3Beautycounter: Vibrant Eye Perfector
The texture and weight of this eye cream are wonderful. Ascophyllum Nodosum and Asparagopsis Armata Marine Extracts target dark circles while Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract promotes firmer-looking skin. And it truly depuffs the undereye area (with no use caffeine). Though, I find it a bit too drying for my skin. This formula may be nice for summer, but I will switch to a heavier formula come fall.

gradeAleather-straps-black-front 1Sseko Designs: Ribbon Sandal
Seriously, these are the most comfortable sandals my feet have ever lived in. I cannot get over the versatility, too. They seem to be appropriate for almost any occasion, being paired with jeans, print pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. I have 4 various colored ribbons. But not that leather ties have come out (featured left), I will add to my collection. I also have a few accessories, too.

gradeC1BabyDoll Lashes: MinkCoat Fiber Mascara Duo
I happen to love my BabyDoll lashes (lift and tint process). The perming lasts more than 7 weeks! I never have to use an eyelash curler and my lashes stand at attention. Seriously good. So I had to give the mascara duo a try. It's really just okay — with a little disappointment wrapped in it. In fact, my favorite Chantecaille mascara makes this mascara look whimpy. This is a 3-step process: mascara first, fiber application second and another coat of mascara to seal the deal. What's nice, it doesn't smudge, smear or flake. And it's easy to remove. But fibers can get in your eyes (and under your contacts, in my case) when you wash it off. I tried the fiber application tube with my regular mascara and it was a much better effect.

gradeAthermalcleansingbalmOmorovicza: Gold Shimmer Oil, Gold Hydralifting Mask, Thermal Cleansing Balm
There isn't much I don't love about this line. The deeper I dive into it, the better my skin looks. Starting with this shimmering body oil. I now have all three Omorovicza oils (yes, addicted). This oil leaves the skin soft, smooth and glowing with subtle gold particles. It smells delicious and can be used in hair, as well. The mask is used in the morning. And let me tell you, it is something special. You apply it and let it soak in for 10 minutes. Then, apply your moisturizer or tinted moisturizer. Skin plumps, lifts and has a velvety glow. It's skintabulous! The cleanser is another special product from Omorovicza. Dubbed 'an instant facial,' this evening treatment does more than cleanse the skin. The black balm glides on clear to remove all makeup and impurities without stripping the skin. You are left with a radiant, soft and silky-smooth face. I use this every other night.

gradeB2mortimersatchelLAUREN by Ralph Lauren: Mortimer Satchel in black
This studded beauty is as practical as it is stylish. The textured leather handbag, with dual rolled top handles and a protective metal footbase, is such a perfect size to handle your daily affairs. The height provides the perfect amount of utilized space so everything is handy at your fingertips. Plus, I just have a thing for duffels. It would be even better if it came with a detachable strap.

gradeAWallett Cosmetics: Lip Scrub in Blood Orange*
This tops the list of lip scrubs. It's gentle, yet so effective. It's food grade, yes you apply then lick the sugar off. Yum! And it hydrates so nicely. A wonderful treat to condition lips at least twice a week. It comes in stick form, too. Best of the best!

gradeADr. Dennis Gross: Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask*
While I may not have acne, I do use a sulfur-based facial cleanser, so I am well aware of its benefits. Besides, my skin loves anything Dr. Dennis Gross! This dermatologist-formulated mask works hard to pull out impurities, while helping to reduce redness. It clarifies the skin by absorbing excess oil and acne-causing bacteria, in addition to reducing pore size. You can even wear this mask overnight (enter: son — perfect for his teenage skin).

The team of testers were not paid to review these products. However, most of the products listed above were supplied as samples for review purposes.

*Available at Jeffre Scott in Charlotte and Turner and Scott in Asheville.

February had it going on ... and on! I am talking total rock star products. It's rare to have a straight A month. This one was well deserved.

gradeAvolumeplusVincent Longo Cosmetics: Volume Plus Mascara, Gluten-Free*
Yes, gluten-free! In fact, most of the new spring products in the Vincent Longo line are gluten-free. This rich black mascara, with a signature blend of algae extracts, is buildable while keeping lashes soft and supple (and the formula helps to strengthen lashes and encourage growth). The specially shaped brush was designed for easy application from root to tip — and that it is! It contains silk fibers to provide immediate length to lashes.

gradeADr. Dennis Gross: Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel*
If you are a fan of the regular strength peel pads, you will love this formula even more. The pre-soaked towelettes, a number one seller, are a patented two-step facial peel that diminishes wrinkles, reduces pore size and dark spots, and improves skin tone and texture. You use the first one (in circular motion on face, neck and décolleté), wait 2 minutes, then follow up with the second towelette (full of antioxidants). There is no question my skin is firmer as a result of using these peel pads. While you can use them every night, I tend to use them every other night. The resiliency of my skin is highly noticeable. I am addicted.

gradeAdgglowpadDr. Dennis Gross: Alpha Beta Glow Pad*
For well over a year, I have been listening to my friends at Jeffre Scott sing the praises of this product. All the benefits of the peel pad above and a hint of color, to boot! How ingenious — an anti-aging self tanner in the form of a single step pre-soaked towelette! Containing active Vitamin D, microencapsulated DHA and soy proteins, this treatment delivers color deep into skin while exfoliating, tightening pores, eliminating blackheads and helping to fade existing sunspots for an even, streak-free glow. And let's talk color! Whoa. I am amazed at how much color developed while looking completely natural with no evidence of where I stopped and started. How cool is that?

gradeALa Mer: The Face and Body Gradual Tan
This happens to be my favorite 'hint of color' self tanner, perfect for winter and spring. It provides just the right amount of beautiful and believable color and is mistake proof. I happen to love the scent — it's yummy. And this gradual tanner is good for your skin, infused with the nutrient-rich Miracle Broth, heart of La Mer's profound powers of transformation. It hydrates your skin while boosting your radiance factor. Although it can be used for face and body, I only use it on my body. Totally worth the price.

gradeABobbi Brown: Essentials Eye Shadow in Bone, Grey, Taupe and Hot Stone
Bobbi is known for neutrals. So when I needed the perfect neutral palette for my easy eyes days, I knew just where to turn. And these eye shadows are awesome beyond color. The texture and ease of application (absolutely no product lands outside of where you apply it — hooray!) make them stellar. It's not often you find brilliant color coupled with the perfect formula. These eye shadows stay put all day and can easily deepen for a more dramatic effect.

gradeAMAC: Brow Set in clear
Holy grail. Yep, I said it. I cannot believe I hadn't come across this product sooner. It was in my quest to find the best eyebrow tools that I stumbled upon this remarkable product from MAC. Let me tell you, it does everything it claims, to my (major) satisfaction. It keeps your brows in place all day and all night long. In fact, it keeps brows at attention until it's time to wash your face at night. My biggest issue with waxes and gels was getting these products to last more than an hour. This gel sets your brows with ease (and it's not stiff at all) so you can get on with your day. Γber fabulousness!

The team of testers were not paid to review these products. However, most of the products listed above were supplied as samples for review purposes.

*Available at Jeffre Scott in Charlotte and Turner and Scott in Asheville.


January may have been cold, with a little snow to boot, but that didn't detract from getting the job of product reviewing done. It was a great opportunity to put these fashionable items to the test.

gradeB1covermehoodieFree People: Cover Me Hoodie
While this doesn't look like much online, it's quite adorable in person. And super fun to wear! It's a great layering piece from winter into spring. It covers beautifully and has slits up the side, not only to vent, but also to provide a nice swinging motion. I prefer wearing it for non-workout moments. However, it's so versatile that it goes from gym to errand running beautifully. I can't go anyway without someone stopping me to ask where I got this.

gradeAlululemon: Wunder Under Pant Full-On Luon in black
Medium rise, finally. These are most definitely one of my favorite workout pants for barre and yoga. And running! They are super comfy and stay in place. The luon fabric is soft, yet supports in a major way. No obvious squishy tushie in these. Added bonus: the logo is only on the top back side, so you can pull off a post-workout lunch date by pairing these with a tunic sweater, scarf and boots.

gradeAElie Tahari: Beverly Leather Moto Jacket in burgundy
A moto jacket with feminine touches? Absolutely. This buttery soft lambskin jacket has a ruffled peplum inset in the back and a beautiful cutout in the front. The asymmetrical zip make it recognizable as a moto jacket, but the color and cut make it a stand out all on its own.

gradeB1Laura Mercier: Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
I was surprised how often I reached for this tinted moisturizer over my others. Though, I'm not sure why, as all the Laura Mercier products in my cosmetic bag rock. This particular formula gives skin a healthy glow with a soft hint of color that covers any slight imperfections with ease. It's hydrating and great for sensitive skin. And it takes only seconds to go from drab to delightful!

gradeB1tsrideTwisted Silver: Ride bracelet
Yes. A steel bike chain to wear around my wrist! Why not? It's cool. It captures attention. And it's certainly unlike anything else I own. This is a great option for men who like wearing something around their wrist.

gradeB2Rag & Bone: Numbers Crew in white
This cotton knit sweater is a charming casual addition to a black skirt, leather leggings or distressed jeans. The large contrast number makes it playful, but surprisingly easy to make a multitude of outfits from. The cotton is soft and lovely to wear, though it does stretch a bit.

gradeB2nbrosaoilNatura Bissé: Rosa Mosqueta Oil*
I like oils. Not all of them. But this regenerating oil is fantastic for winter skin. The formula was developed especially for those with stretch marks and scars, and for use as a post-burn treatment, as it restores flexibility to healing skin. It's also a great anti-aging product, neutralizing free radicals and restoring elasticity. It smells earthy. Not my favorite scent, but worth the hydration it provides.

The team of testers were not paid to review these products. However, most of the products listed above were supplied as samples for review purposes.

*Available at Jeffre Scott in Charlotte and Turner and Scott in Asheville.

The holidays are always busy, but never too busy to review fabulousness! With the exception of only one, we fell head over heels for these products. Enjoy!

gradeAruchedarmwarmersNoonday Collection: Rightly Ruched Arm Warmers
I tend to collect scarves and arm warmers. They are my daily accessory this time of year. My hands are always cold. Always. These arm warmers are made of the softest knit imaginable (100% Alpaca) to lock in the heat. The ruching is so chic. They dress up or down in a snap. I never leave the house without them!

gradeDMarc Jacobs: Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara
Nothing is more frustrating than trying a new mascara that you are excited about only to have your bubble burst halfway through application. This gel mascara is too heavy. Instead of lifting lashes, it weighs them down. To the point of no return (or start over). I also tried to wear this mascara on my bottom lashes only, but it smeared terribly. This formula needs to go back to the drawing board.

gradeB1talleskimoMou: Tall Eskimo boot in Iron Brown
So warm, I can barely stand taking them off. Perfect for those bitterly cold days of winter, these double-face sheepskin boots with crochet wool seams are stylishly fun to wear. You can wear them as is, or scrunched down. They are the best companion for ski trips! They have a supportive heel counter and hardwearing rubber outdoor sole. Boots run small, so order a size up. And if you have narrow feet, you will need extra thick socks to keep you foot from sliding.

gradeACO Bigelow: Lemon Lip Cream
I found this fabulous, super-emollient lip balm in my stocking Christmas morning (many thanks to my mother-in-law). It was love at first swipe. She actually got me the Lemon Pomegranate (even better than lemon), but I loved it so much I went out a bought the Lemon. I am always in search of a hydrating lip balm that stays put during the night, and works hard to keep lips soft, smooth and happy. I find myself using it during the day instead of lipstick. This is the balm! Literally.

gradeB3kaskinbalmKevyn Aucoin: Sensual Skin Tinted Skin Balm*
While I haven't met a KA product I don't like, this one disappoints slightly. But let's start with what I love: sleek packaging; contains botanical rice extract and rich in peptides; conceals imperfections with light-weight pigments; paraben- and D5-free; and contains SPF to protect against UVA and UVB rays. It even contains a derivative of liquorice to soothe and calm the skin. I absolutely love the dewy finish — spectacular! The problem, and it's a big one, it's simply not hydrating enough by itself. I have to layer 2 forms of moisturizer (or mix it with my night-time cream) just to get a smooth finish. Otherwise, it leaves your skin a flaky, patchy mess. Such a bummer. There is a KA primer that works in tandem with it. But honestly, this product should be able to stand alone. With that being said, it could potentially be the perfect summer tinted moisturizer.

gradeB1Diorshow: Extase mascara in black
This is an easy mascara to use. It lengthens and provides volume without leaving smudges or flakes. And no smearing, either! The brush is great for getting into corners. Though, you may leave some marks that need to be cleaned up with a Q-tip.

gradeB1romanianecklaceTwisted Silver: Romania Necklace
This necklace is so fun to wear! It looks great against white or light colored clothing to show itself off in high contrast. I absolutely love the black ball chain. So unique! And the signature gold Twisted coin layers beautifully. The recycled vintage rope button adds a touch of romance, too.

The team of testers were not paid to review these products. However, most of the products listed above were supplied as samples for review purposes.

*Available at Jeffre Scott in Charlotte and Turner and Scott in Asheville.