The month of October brought great fashion finds, in addition to some fabulous new skin care and cosmetics products, keeping our testers busy and happy! We love seeing such high grades!

gradeAwhitfieldOTKbootCordani: Whitfield Boot
I can't go anywhere without someone stopping me and asking where I got my boots. I have been wanting to add a brown suede OTK boot to my wardrobe and this pair is perfect. They are super comfortable and fun to wear. They are also versatile (they fold over to hit under the knee). The buckles make them adjustable. And I love that they are 2-toned. Perfect for comfy casual outfits!

gradeB1BECCA: Line and Pore Corrector
This product is my new hero! This silky primer provides a smooth base under foundation or concealer while filling in lines and pores, giving a soft focus effect. Loaded with antioxidants (active ingredients being Vitamins A and E) and anti-inflammatory ingredients, BECCA's Line and Pore Corrector is paraben, preservative and fragrance-free. And, you can even use this product as a liquid powder for simple, on-the-go shine reduction. Brilliant!

gradeB2Beautisol: 99% Pure Peptide Rescue Serum
The rescue serum claims to be the “newest and most advanced anti-aging and sun reversal product on the market.” While I avoid the sun like the plague, having 3 kids in 3 years has put me out on the playgrounds or on the beach regularly. Beautisol combined 8 very fancy peptides to combat the aging process. After using the product for a month, I am very pleased with how easy it is to use every day. Just one small pump a day, both morning and night, applied to your face and neck. I need easy, and this fits the bill. My skin feels more supple and it looks brighter. I love how the product feels on my skin. It is light and absorbs quickly. My only negative is the scent. The serum has a definite food smell. I immediately apply a moisturizer with a light scent on my face after the serum to mask the scent, as it detracts from the wonderful feeling the product gives my skin. Overall, it does its job well, but needs to be fragrance free.

gradeABeautisol: Bright Eyed
This is the perfect name for this product! It claims to “feed, plump and strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes.” I would say it does just that. I noticed a significant difference in the bags under my eyes after using this product for a month. I still wake up twice nightly to feed my baby and my eyes were taking the brunt of the damage. My eyes look more open and alert and most of the puffiness has simply vanished. The clincher – other people have noticed! I did see better results on one eye than the other. It is simple to apply and can be used in the morning and at night. It has a mousse like texture and feels wonderful to apply. You don’t need much, so the tube should last for a couple of months. It has a light and clean lotion scent that I actually like. I am certainly feeling more bright eyed and bushy tailed!

gradeABecome: Lash + Brow Extender
As recently featured, this product is phenomenal! I have tried a lot of lash growth formulas and this one has been the most effective (and happens to be the least expensive). The serum contains proteins, vitamins and moisturizing ingredients and is completely safe for eyes. Applied along the lash line nightly, I started noticing a difference in my lashes within 3 weeks. My lashes are a lot longer and fuller, as well! The jury is still out on eyebrow growth (still testing). I need a little more time. Regardless, I am thrilled with my lashes!

gradeB1RODIN: Olio Lusso Face Oil and Luxury Body Oil
The whole line of oils by RODIN smell absolutely divine!! The blend of 11 essential oils is derived from flowers and botanicals. The face oil is light and hydrating. Perfect for most months of the year (though, this time of year, I need to add a moisturizer at night over the serum). The body oil is an amazing moisturizer that stays with you all through the day (and night). Applied after a shower or bath, this silky, luxurious oil sinks right in, yet leaves soft, smooth and hydrated skin without feeling greasy. The scent is beautiful. However, it's potent, so you can't really wear perfume.

gradeAfusionlongearringsTwisted Silver: Fusion Long earrings in silver
I prefer silver earrings over gold, so I was thrilled when I saw this pair from Twisted Silver. The Fusion Long earrings are looped together on a slender chain. I can wear them with most everything casual (which is practically everything in my closet). I hardly knew I had them on, they're so lightweight (less than .1 oz) and non-irritating (for those of us with sensitive ears). With a drop size of 2 1/2 inches, these hip earrings are super cute and fun to wear!

gradeALORAC: Multiplex 3-D Lip Gloss in Untamed
This is the time of year when lips demand more — more moisture, more shine, more notice! When I got this particular lip gloss and took it out of the tube, I thought ..."hmmm, is neon back so soon?" This came out of the tube sort of bright orange. But make no mistake, it didn't look bright on my lips. This lip gloss is paraben-free and contains holographic pigments for a multi-dimensional, high-lacquer shine. It's long lasting for a lip gloss. I applied it once in the morning and wiped it off at lunch (yes I did!). It's infused with antioxidants to help nourish and protect. It goes on easy with the brush applicator and feels creamy on your lips. A single coat does the trick and left my lips hydrated and glossy, with a little coral color!

The team of testers were not paid to review these products. However, most of the products listed above were supplied as samples for review purposes.

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