Dr. LeWinn's: Line Smoothing Complex Eye Cream
Containing Coenzyme Q10 (antioxidant), Sodium Hyaluronate (to hydrate), and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (to reduce appearance of wrinkles), this eye cream is incredibly moisturizing. You need just a tiny drop to do the trick. It's amazing how well this stuff works! I never look tired when I use this. And it's amazing for travel. A!

The Body Shop: Cranberry Shimmer Lip Balm, Cranberry Body Polish
I always enjoy products from The Body Shop! The lip balm doubles as a gloss, which is great when you are on the run. I love the flavor, too! I am sad it was a holiday thing. The body polish is so gentle, yet softens skin easily. They also had a holiday shimmering body butter that was too die for (can't find it online) ... the shimmer effect is fantastic! Go see if they still have some left in the stores. B+

Prescriptives: Super Line Preventor Xtreme Lifting Concentrate
This concentrate is packed with antioxidants to lift and firm skin and boost collagen production. I use it on my forehead and can definitely see an immediate smoothing of the skin. It claims to have benefits long-term, as well. I haven't used it long enough (8 weeks), though, to see if it truly reduces the appearance of deep forehead lines. B+

J.Lynne Cosmetics: Ultra Intensity Mineral Eyeliner in Coquette, Charmer, Mistress and Tart
My friend, Michelle B., turned me onto this line and I will forever thank her for that. These mineral eyeliners are amazing, incredible, fabulous and more! The colors are deep and rich. Though you can apply by wetting with water, I recommend a liner sealer (makes it stay put forever, until you want to take it off). The best part, you can choose sample jars for only $1.25 and pick all the colors of the rainbow. Full size jars are still only $8.00. Or course, this gets an A!

Liz Earle: Skin Repair Moisturiser
You know that friend that can come in and out of your life at any moment without skipping a beat? That's Skin Repair Moisturizer. This moisturizer walked into my life, my routine, so easily ... we did not need an adjustment period ... we became fast friends from the second we met. My skin loved everything about it. The consistency, ingredients and most of all, hydration. An A!

Tracy Porter: Equestrian Trench
I cannot say enough about this company (look for the interview with Tracy Porter later this week). So, it will come as no surprise that I love this trench. It's warm, has beautiful velvet trim and has "of the moment" equestrian style. You can find it on sale now! This gets an A.

Rodial: a-list cleanser, glamtox SPF 18 moisturizer, glamtox peel, glamtox night
Not only did the packaging (luxurious) and scent (pomegranate) get me, the results did, as well. I am in love with this line from Rodial. As you know, I am not a big fan of non-foaming cleansers. Well, the a-list cleanser, which is a balm, knocked me off my feet. It cleans wonderfully while leaving skin soft, smooth and hydrated. The glamtox peel is an easy-to-use exfoliator that does its job. I love glamtox night serum ... it is responsible for making my skin creamy and dreamy! And the glamtox moisturizer is way more hydrating than I expected. To buy in the U.S., click here and search Rodial. All of these awesome products get an A!

Touchd: Sugar Scrub and Bath Butter in Almond Puff
Easy companions for the shower or bath. The Sugar Scrub exfoliates skin beautifully, leaving it soft and radiant. It contains medicinal organic oils to help heal skin - just be sure to clean your shower floor or bath because it can get a little slippery. This gets a B+. The Bath Butter was such a delightful surprise! It looks like a thick body butter or lotion but it foams up to cleanse your body. It leaves skin super soft. I just love it! An A!

St. Tropez: Whipped Bronze Mousse
First off, you need rubber gloves for this ... but it's worth it. You don't want yucky, stained hands (trust me). This bronzing mousse makes it easy to see where you are applying the self tanner, which I like. And it also gives you instantly bronzed skin. It dries quickly for a perfect tan - absolutely no streaks or weird orange marks (seriously, absolutely no trace on my heels). The most amazing thing with this product is the color it produces. It looks like spray tanning booth quality. It's crazy good. It lasts about a week, too. While it takes more effort to use, I was very happy with the results. B+

En Pointe: Precision A Serum
Nice pink and silver packaging - unique, simple, elegant and very feminine. The serum dispenses easily and has great ingredients such as retinol, hyaluronate, tripeptides and plant extracts. It's light and left my skin feeling soft and dewey. However, I can't get over the fragrance. It had a strong alcohol scent to it. B-

Mario Russo: Sea Soap
This soap is quite moisturizing, with ingredients such as olive, coconut and palm oil. While the bar is on the small side, it lasts a long time as it does not easily melt away with each use. The fragrance is extremely mild and the packaging natural, perfect for the product. This gets an A.

Lavanila Laboratories: Lip Butter in Pure Vanilla
A good product for dry, chapped lips, especially for those who favor vanilla. It contains 100% pure shea, kokum, Illipe and cocoa butters to deeply hydrate lips, while protecting with SPF 8. Mild vanilla scent and flavor that is moisturizing with a great consistency. I give this a B.

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