fitincloudsTired, achy feet, your search for comfort is over.

You know those days ... long bouts of travel or simply standing on your feet for more hours than you can recount. Your feet want relief!

Enter: Fit In Clouds, the portable ballet-like shoe that folds and fits into a small pouch. Finally, a welcome solution to a problem faced by millions of women who feel pain from wearing heels at the end of the day, or just a few hours into it. Slip a pair of these babies in your purse and you are set!

Now, you can win a pair! Leave a comment and let us know how useful Fit in Clouds would be. The winner will be selected at random on June 18th and will get to choose the pair that suits them best. Good luck!
Catherine     |2010-06-28 06:07:01
Congratulations goes to Karen! Enjoy picking out your favorite pair of Fit in
Clouds flats!!
Stephanie  - LPN   |2010-06-15 10:16:18
I am a nurse who works 12 hour shifts and it really does not matter how good the
shoe is, at the end of those 12 hours your feet HURT...Flip Flops are my
alternative shoe when I get home. Anything that does not constrict my foot, in
fact I start dreaming of taking my shoes off about five hours before I get off
work. What a dream it would be if this shoe lived up to its description.
Claire Russell  - Mother of Irish Twins!   |2010-06-11 12:51:00
[size=medium]The mother of soon to be 2 and three year-old Irish Twins,(which
for those that don't know are two children born within a year) - I've had to
relinquish my 3 inch + heals for what my mother would call more
"sensible" shoes. Flats and flips flops are my go-to. Adding a pair of
incredibly adorable Fit in the Cloud flats would be a welcome addition to my
mommy shoe arsenal!
Corey   |2010-06-10 08:08:18
Wow, these would be great to wear around instead of those hideous LLBean mocs I
Karen Price   |2010-06-10 02:19:32
These are beautiful!~ The only 'flats' I have that are truly comfortable are my
running shoes.. I'm so picky about them - I don't wear any time other than when
I am running - no errands or yard work for them.
Cynthia  - My Dogs are Barkin'   |2010-06-09 10:13:10
My mother always used to complain how her feet hurt after a long day...she would
say, "my dogs are barkin'" haha! But now as I live a very active life
with my two kiddos, I feel the same way! Oh to slip on a pair of comfy shoes
after a day on the go! No more barkin !!
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