Beautiful skin is your best accessory. It's what gets noticed first. Why wouldn't you take the very best care of it that you possibly can?

Due to my profession, it's important that I stay abreast of the latest advances in technology. I speak with dermatologists and I do my research. And yes, I review a lot of products. However, there is something to be said about a simple routine.

carolineskinpicTo keep your skin healthy throughout your life, it’s important to follow some key steps in caring for your skin. There are three types of products, in particular, that can make a huge impact in the overall health of your skin, including skin tone, texture and elasticity. Those three items for your skin care arsenal are: sunblock, antioxidant and retinoid.

Dermatologists will tell you that the #1 preventative action you can take for your skin's health is avoiding the sun's harmful rays. While we can't stay out of the sun altogether, proper ingredients in your SPF will make all the difference. Using a sunblock that contains Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide or Mexoryl (physical blockers) — every single day — will help prevent UVB and UVA rays from penetrating the skin. This step is a non-negotiable in my book. And my skin will thank me 20-30 years down the road.

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