I can never have too much sunblock on hand. Of course, it must be a physical blocker, my preference being zinc oxide.

Because of my sun hesitant skin, and the need to keep my legs covered and out of the sun this summer due to vein procedures, I need something strong and easy.

Enter: Solar Goo by Green Goo.

First off, I love that it is 20% non-nano zinc oxide. Second, it's hydrating. And third, it rubs in clear. Sweet! But the bonus — the travel size tin can fit in my pocket. Perfect for the lacrosse fields this summer, or wherever my daily adventures take me.

Solar Goo made this on-the-go sunblock for all skin types (yes, even sensitive skin). The formula has only 7 ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, non-nano, uncoated zinc oxide 20%, organic calendula flowers, organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax and non GMO Vitamin E. It's petroleum, chemical and gluten free to boot.

Now that I have the travel size, I am ready to buy the big tin. I love this stuff!


rollonsunblockNo more excuses.

Not only does No Worries Cosmetics make it simple to apply sunscreen, but they also ensure the best ingredients to keep you safe and protected from harmful sun exposure all day long.

Before my daughter went off to camp for the week, I packed her a new and exciting sunscreen to try — in roll-on form. This SPF 46+ sunscreen contains both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, physical blockers. My daughter loved the application, in addition, her fair skin did not burn! 

No Worries Cosmetics stays true to their name, providing an easy and safe alternative to the typical over-the-counter sunscreens. It's light and non-greasy, making it a cinch to coax your teens into applying sunscreen. This particular roll-on size is TSA-friendly, too. 

Their unique line of beauty products works for everyone, in the hottest of climates, too (developed by an Australian editorial makeup artist). So there really are no worries!

While we are months away from the summer sun, it isn't too early to stock up on the right products to keep your skin safe and healthy.

After my annual trip to the dermatologist last week, having a few more pre-cancerous spots frozen off my face, I am that much more aware of the importance of protecting my skin. Granted, what is popping up now is a direct result of my poor decisions with regard to the sun in my high school and college years. However, I will not slow down in protecting my skin from future damage. In fact, I choose to amp it up! After all, there is the potential to reverse some of that damage.

You already know that I'm a ginormous fan of zinc oxide. Thank goodness there are many stellar sunblocks out there — free of chemicals  (read: don't buy those over-the-counter sprays). Natura Bissé, Beautycounter and Elta MD are great choices, to name a few. There's no excuse not to make educated decisions these days with the overload of information.

So as I pack my clients for their trips this resort season, have no doubt that sunblock will be front and center in every suitcase.


Photo from Jamie Nelson Photography

coola-1COOLA is taking the market by storm! And thank goodness — we need a better variety of sunscreen.

Offering three distinct lines of 97% certified organic sun protection, including the new plant UV line and recently reformulated mineral and classic collections, you now have the opportunity to go green in sunscreen with COOLA. Each collection is formulated with different active ingredients to cater to your every need. And there's even a cucumber scented matte face sunscreen!

coolaeventCOOLA was definitely the cool kid in town last Friday at Jeffre Scott. Katina Turner, of Turner & Scott in Asheville, was in Charlotte for the event. Not only did we learn a ton about this amazing line from Jennifer, the coolest COOLA representative, but we tried every single formula on our skin to get a sense of how the different lines feel and smell. There's even a good-for-you spray sunscreen.

My personal favorites are mineral baby spf 50, with plankton and organic beeswax to boost SPF protection, and plant uv body spf 30 unscented moisturizer, with 12.6% zinc oxide and plant stem cells to boost its SPF protection.

Stop by Jeffre Scott this week and load up for summer. This is definitely a suncare line you can trust for your whole family.

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Some things make me giddy. Sunscreen is one of them.

While you may not have guessed, I am a huge proponent of healthy skin. Sometimes to the point of annoyance (sorry, family). That means staying out of the way of those harmful UVA and UVB rays. Well, at least protecting yourself from them.

Thank goodness there are so many superb sunscreens on the market these days. It used to be quite difficult to find one that contained the right ingredients. And now there is a convenient, on-the-go, no mess version that rocks, due to the brilliance of Susan Posnick!

My whole family has been enjoying the latest in fabulousness from my friend, Susan. A skin cancer survivor, Susan is beyond passionate about proper skin protection. She created Brush on Block, which contains 12% zinc oxide and 15% titanium dioxide (physical blockers), to make it easy for everyone to apply sunscreen everyday. Everyday!

Perfect for your athletic bag (or your child’s), golf bag and purse! Yes, I have three. With outdoor activities playing a big role in our lives, Brush on Block has brought me peace of mind, knowing I'm giving my family the best in sun care.


Available at Jeffre Scott in Charlotte and Turner & Scott in Asheville