vogueitaliamay2009When it's ridiculously hot outside, you don't want to put on much of anything. If I could get away with sheer lace tights and a short-sleeve cropped top, I just might. Of course, I wouldn't leave the house. I would just pretend I could if I wanted to.

A summer favorite, watermelon, can bring inspiration to any outfit. One of my favorite color pairings for summer, white + green, can easily be spruced up with a dash of pink. Quite refreshing, don't you think? 

Try white shorts (or skirt), a kelly or apple green top and a pink patterned silk scarf to tie around your wrist, ankle, waist or even your head! Metallic shoes will keep the attention where it needs to be. Jewelry can be gold or silver with some black accents splashed in.

Whether you choose to wear the colors of the watermelon or just eat it, both will bring great satisfaction. And thanks to one of my wonderful neighbors, today I ate watermelon!

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