leatherbootieIs this the cutest leather bootie you have ever seen, or what? No, I'm not talking about boots (yet). 

Leather is just one of the fabulous must have fabrics of the season, as well as being a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

A picture like this sure makes me want to own a pair of leather shorts. If only my backside resembled this one. 

That will not stop me, however, from wearing leather shorts this season. And this is how I'll wear them:

Easy. Fun. Leather!


Catherine     |2010-10-14 09:00:31
Yes, a 40 year old can rock leather shorts! Quality leather, dark tights and
confidence are essential. The shorts don't have to be super short. In fact, my
version would be much longer than these. It's chic!
Jeanette   |2010-10-14 09:02:19
Gonna have to take your word for it my dear, I don't have the confidence OR the
legs. You would have proud of my latest purchase, a knitted mink shawl, that's
about as chic as I'm gonna get for the moment.
Catherine     |2010-10-14 09:03:33
Way to go, Jeanette, on the knitted mink shawl! How do you knit mink, anyway?
Or, is it a knit shawl with a mink collar? Either way, sounds fabulous!
Jeanette   |2010-10-14 09:04:48
It's knitted with strips of mink! I know, I've never seen anything like it
before, so I had to have it. It is so warm, yet sooo cool, from a local
designer. No Pashminas required here.
Catherine     |2010-10-14 09:06:03
Oooooh, I want a picture of it! Sounds amazing!!
Tammy   |2010-10-14 09:01:24
I'm with Jeanette! There's just something about leather shorts on a 40-year
Jeanette   |2010-10-14 08:58:41
hmmm...leather shorts, for a start you have to be skinny and twenty, I reckon!!
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