The anticipation of fall.

Goodness to come.

That doesn't mean you can't embrace a little fall right now in this crazy heat.

Last night we had dinner with friends. Delightful, as always. And I didn't let the heat dictate what I was wearing. Yes, I was smart enough to think it through. All in all, I was quite comfortable. What did I wear? A black and white sleeveless knit dress, black cropped leather jacket and black patent booties. Somehow it didn't seem too soon.

You have to do what feels right to you. However, a little nudge here and there may help.

Start simple. Perhaps summer shorts and a sheer sweater with tan suede fringe booties. Or, a floor length cotton dress with oxford shoes. 

If it doesn't come naturally, call me. Wardrobe whisperer at your service!

Photo from unknown source


As I pull together a few last minute items for my upcoming photo shoot, I am reminded of just how blessed I am to work with amazing companies and talented people, all very trusting of my ability and skill.

Supporting a client's vision is always the guiding principle. Yet, I am continually surprised by the amount of creative leeway I am afforded. It's awesome in every sense of the word.

In the same way I tout self expression in shoots, the importance of understanding one's individual style is also placed upon my clients' shoulders. And the 'why' of it all. Lightbulb moments.

So here's to a week of personality. Let it out!

Photo from Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2012


After a low key 4th, it's been quite productive — in my closet.

I spend so much time in my clients' closets that I rarely get the opportunity to explore in my own. While I didn't get many outfits put together, I did discover some beauties that have been hiding right under my nose.

Dresses. I love dresses. Long dresses. Big dresses. Dresses that make such a statement that you don't have to worry too much about how you accessorize around them. That's exactly what I found in my closet today! It's not that I didn't know they were in there. After all, inventory is my specialty. However, I'd forgotten how much I loved these pieces. And now, they will take center stage for my upcoming trip.

My dresses are excited. And so am I!


Photo from Vogue July 2011

Take the challenge.

While you may gravitate toward the typical black, gray and ivory this season, fight the urge. Get yourself into some color! It'll do you good.

I can attest that there are plenty of options out there, as I shop with clients at least three days each week. I will admit, there are some fabulous dark neutral pieces. However, color can raise your spirit. Give you a little attitude. Change your mood. And mixing colors, even better.

So the next time you step foot into a boutique, surround yourself in color.


Photo from Harper's BAZAAR Australia 2011

flirtyandfreeIt's June.

School is out this week. Festivities have begun. And I'm feeling a little flirty.

There is something so freeing about flirting. It can be the littlest thing — a wink, a hip shake, a rawr.

Sometimes, I find it easiest to express that feeling in what I wear. How great is it that we have that kind of control? Pretty powerful.

I vow to make this week lively and liberating. How about you?

Photo from Free People