dreamingofdiorThere are not many books on fashion that can pull me in, let alone hold my attention. This book, however, did just that.

Not more than an hour and a half later, however, I was heartbroken ... having finished the book. I found myself dreaming of marvelous dresses all through the night!

Dreaming of Dior, by Charlotte Smith, is a story of how she came to inherit an amazing 5000-piece collection of clothing (couture), dating from 1790 to 1995, from her godmother, Doris Darnell. Each dress had an adventure of its own. And so the story is told — a compilation of adventures had by each piece.

As you can imagine, I have an extensive library of books on style and fashion — it's my business. Though, I can count only three that are worth diving into again and again. One is pure education ... textbook ... a must-read-over-and-over-again because you have to (but truly brilliant). Every great stylist has read it at least five times. My other favorite book explores fashion from a fantastic point of view and harnesses the importance of personal style. And Dreaming of Dior is pure fashion fantasy ... something every girl dreams of — except in the case of Charlotte Smith, she's living the dream.

Without question, it was an absolutely delectable book! Hats off to the illustrator — phenomenal work. I reveled in the fashions from the various time periods. Oh how I want that wardrobe! While I loved every single dress and its story, I did have favorites. And here they are.


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