There has never been a year when I haven't wished you Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I missed every single one of those this time around and I feel horrible. Crazed and dazed I have been. Styling has been at an all-time high, the health component to my business continues to grow and add to that life in general — I got lost in it all. And I apologize.

I love heading into a fresh new year. 2017 is going to teach me a thing or two. Especially in time management. Making an impact, whatever the capacity, continues to be my focus. For my family. My friends. My clients. With my faith wrapped around them all.

As I forge ahead, I plan to take notes along the way to ensure I stay aligned with my purpose. It's that important to me. Not to bring on pressure. Just to hold myself accountable. In all areas of my life.

What has 2016 taught you? And what do you want to get out of 2017?

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Having recently come back from back-to-back travel (vacation and health conference), I am grateful for so much. Faith and family at the forefront.

As a wardrobe stylist, you might find it hard to believe that I don't have a hard time parting with material items. Yes, I love beautiful things. I appreciate the art aspect in fashion. However, when every diamond you own is stolen from you while on vacation, everything quickly comes into perspective.

I do not share this with you for pity. In fact, I believe it happened for a reason. And I choose to conjure up in my mind that the 18 year olds that took off with all of my jewelry (yet, left my Cartier watch?) needed it in desperation.  

Getting past the violation and grief of what the jewelry symbolized, I realize the newness that is about to be created. Something amazingly beautiful will come of this. I feel it in my soul.

And my family. Thank goodness for these loving, supportive, stunning people in my life. That vacation goes down as the best family vacation ever.


The busiest summer of all time.

I love my clients. I love being loved by my clients. Words cannot express how grateful I am to do what I am incredibly passionate about every single day. My gift is God given. And I will never take that for granted.

As I wrap up July, I plan to break for a week to recharge for fall. Though fall has already happened via shopping with clients, disconnecting for a week will only bring me back with renewed vigor.  

Do you need me time, family time or brainstorming time? Take it before school is back in session. Commit to yourself that you will relax. You will only be better for it. 


Photo from Vogue Spain, Edita Vilkeviciute, Andrés Velencoso by Benny Horne

I've missed you.

A month on the road. Literally. I had to take time off from writing.

The fact that my travel is done unti August is bittersweet. Between my lax family (son's lacrosse team) and beautiful friends I have been able to see along my way, I feel complete and a bit saddened all at once. Yet styling clients — packing for trips, purging, shopping, setting up healthy lifestyles — keeps me in my world.

The older I get, the more I realize the importance of quality relationships. They feed my soul. You can bet the travel I have ahead of me in August through September will be a welcome addition to the space in which I reside. 

It's all kinds of fabulous! And I wish the same for you.


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all kinds of fabulous! And I wish the same for you.

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