Boots. Glorious boots! Nothing makes me more happy than wearing boots in the fall and winter. It's, by far, the most practical and comfortable shoe you'll see me wear all year.

My boot wardrobe has expanded over time. Just this month, I added three pairs for this season (shoes always come in threes). My feet are so happy ... they are all flat boots! Love! My boot collection spans the categories below, though I do not own a fur boot (...yet). Since I am on my feet all day when working with clients, having a great boot to rely on in the cooler months of the year is essential. And, of course, the boot must be stylish!

Here are some of my favorites this fall.


Brittany at Mommy Words     |2010-10-07 03:36:34
I love boots but I must say I giggled at that last kids would think an
animal was eating my foot! Love the grey bootie though.
Catherine     |2010-10-07 09:02:43
Ha! You made me laugh ... yes, I guess it could look like an animal eating your
foot. But in style, albeit.
Anna @ShoeHunting     |2010-10-04 07:52:43
You and I have very similar tastes in boots :) I love those leopard wedge boots
and the military-inspired styles. I own so many more boots than ever this year,
and I can't wait to rock them because they make it easy to be comfy AND fab!!!
Dawn   |2010-09-30 01:39:19
Love Love Love boots! Can't wait to wear the boots I bought last year while
shopping with you! Remember the brown platform suede?
Sinead     |2010-09-30 01:34:50
I wish I could have every single one!!! Gorgeous! Not one I wouldn't wear!
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