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Or perhaps Fashion Week is on your agenda in the upcoming months.

Now you can navigate the world's fashion capitals like an insider with LUXE City Guides. These five essential guides for London, Paris, Milan, New York and Sydney succinctly advise on everything from where to shop to finding delectable bites.

Perfectly sized for your clutch or pocket, each folded booklet comes with a plastic case to protect it from tears or spills. 

A great gift for you and your friends!

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A couple of weeks ago, I took the kids to Arkansas and Dallas with me for business and pleasure (mostly pleasure). We had an incredible time. We never felt the anxiety of being away from home, which was a sign of a fantastic trip! And my children behaved like perfect angels (well, almost) on the plane. They earned their wings for the next couple of trips to D.C. and Minneapolis/St. Paul scheduled in August. As to not get behind in product testing, I decided to take a plethora of skin care products along with me for review. Unfortunately, that's not always the best idea, as clim 6n behoskin care prod05-n c-uiv cl therdine best iD dat t's not always the besnd o7Aw
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