photoshootcasualfamilyIt’s the week before your scheduled session with your photographer and you haven’t a clue what you and your family are wearing. You are not alone. This happens to us all. The garments you choose will either positively or negatively impact the outcome of your photo shoot. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to ensure the former result.

While you may fall into the typical trap of shopping the day before, with proper planning, you’d be surprised what you have access to out of your own closet. Here are a few simple guidelines to consider.

Details are in the face, not the clothing.
Don’t get hung up on intricate detailing in your garments, such as smocking for little girls or ruffles and various textures for adults. In addition, avoid prints and patterns, as they can be distracting and, ultimately, take away from a unified, beautiful family portrait. The simpler, the better. After all, the photographs should showcase you, not your clothing. In fact, the image should be so engaging that you could take the clothes away and your eyes would not move from the focal point (which should be you and your family).

photocolorsColor is the key to flattery.
You may have partaken in the ‘white + khaki uniform’ in the past. However, it’s important to note that white is not the most flattering of colors. In fact, it can wash out your face completely. Color, on the other hand, brings lightness and brightness to your face. If you are uncomfortable selecting colors, go for universally flattering colors — teal and eggplant, among others. Here are a few suggested color palettes for every type of mood.

Be comfortable in your skin.
When you feel and look good, your confidence and happiness are transparent. More importantly, you can relax and have fun. There is nothing better than capturing the moment under these circumstances.
ashley  - Clothes?!   |2012-06-18 07:58:07
Hi, i am trying to coordinate me, my husband and 2 boys for summer photos. I
would like bold, gorgeous colors such as hot pink, bright blue, yellow, orange.
Is this too much? Should I have the 2 boys in the same shirt? They have blue and
white plaid shirts that i could put yellow undershirts on them, Me in a yellow
dress and hubby....? Overthinking a little? :)
Catherine     |2012-06-18 02:51:43
Hi Ashley,
I love bold color. Just be careful one color is not more powerful
than the other. If that's the case, the attention will only go to that one stand
out color. If the colors are of the same vivid tone, you are fine to mix it up.

Plaids can be tricky in pictures. I tend to stick with solids. If the boys
are in yellow shirts, your husband in blue and you in coral (all medium depth)
that could be super fun. Or, you could wear aqua, coordinating with the yellow
and other blue. Feel free to send pics of options to and I will be happy to provide my thoughts. Best
of luck!
Cat     |2010-05-19 07:11:47
Great post!
Catherine     |2010-05-19 07:16:18
Thanks, Cat. As much as I love clothing, this is one circumstance where
it's really not about the clothing in the photo. You should see the
recent pics of my babies done by The colors made all the difference but it wasn't about the style or
detail. The expressions in their faces are amazing!! And what Ellen
captured brought me to tears.
Christie   |2010-05-18 10:53:05
I have been going back and forth about what to put the kids in to match to
not...what should we wear! THANKS :)
Catherine     |2010-05-18 10:54:45
Go with colors that are close together or compliment each other in some way.
Gavin would look fab in pinks or blues. Sophia would look beautiful in purples
and browns. And side by side, those colors will work as long as they are both
medium in depth.
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