spring11colorpaletteYesterday, I spent the day dreaming of a new pair of boots to add to my boot wardrobe. That, and making a vow to myself to take even better care of my skin this winter.

Ironically, I went for a run today in shorts and a tank top (yes, it was that warm). Now, all I can think about is spring!

As I prepare for Fashion Week FW11 (yes, two seasons ahead), I am eager to start dressing for the new season. My early gift to you .... the spring '11 color palette. It's exotic — bright, cheery and super fun! And the color of 2011 is Honeysuckle!


Even in the cold temps, it's alright to whip out spring colors in March. In warmer climates, go for it at the end of February. If you layer correctly, you are good to go.

And don't be shy about bringing honeysuckle into your home. It's been around for years, after all. Ironically, my fabulous interior designer brought this color into my house! Enjoy!


Photo source:  unknown.

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