This time of year I happen to go to theatre performances quite a bit. Whether it's entertaining clients, or spending well deserved time with my husband, I just adore the theatre. And of course, I love getting dressed up.

There are many variations of dress code when attending a performance. I love dress pants with a shiny top or a cocktail dress in an upbeat color. My favorite, and what I tend to wear the most, is a silk or taffeta skirt paired with a statement top, whether that be sequins or ruffles, or simply in an amazing color.

Accessorizing the ensemble is key. A beautiful dress can be ruined with a drabby coat hanging over top of it, especially in the wrong length. It's best to go for a wrap. Besides, you can keep it around your shoulders to keep you warm, if need be. If you are wearing a top like the one below, you may want to skip the necklace and play up other pieces. Chandelier earrings are big this season, as are bangle bracelets and cocktail rings. Evening clutches add a nice touch, too.


As for shoes, you can get away with a little more edge at the theatre, so express yourself! I like wearing black opaque tights with my booties. However, I also love sparkly or colorful stilettos. Either goes. And if you have any concerns or questions at all, call your favorite style consultant. Now that you know what to wear, go have a great time at the theatre. Enjoy the show!

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