closetpurge1Do you stand in your closet, for longer than you’d like to admit, perplexed and overwhelmed by its contents? Are you confused about which garments work best for you? Stop the madness and get help.

Closet of Style® likens a closet purge to a good spring cleaning — an annual necessity! I have seen a lot of closets in my day, and I can attest that it’s not only healthy for the body and spirit, but also the wallet. Research tells us that the average woman spends approximately $3000 each year on her wardrobe, yet doesn’t wear 30% of it. Blasphemy! Today is the day you say ‘no more’ to unwise shopping decisions and declare a truce with your closet.

During your closet purge, we will go through every piece of your wardrobe and determine where it belongs — in the closet, to be altered, or off to consignment or goodwill. You will learn what styles and cuts look best on you based on your body shape. And while the purge is going on, your closet will be organized for easier dressing.

It’s time to be honest. And sometimes that means less is more. Remember, it’s not about the quantity in your closet. It’s about having well-chosen pieces that you love and respect, and serve you well.

Ready to overhaul your closet? Let’s get started! Book your closet purge today.

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A closet purge lasts at least three hours (or more) and is billed at my hourly rate.

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