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personalshopping1How many mistakes do you have hanging in your closet? Some may still have the price tags on them. When you shop with me, you will never make those mistakes again.

Whether you have a few important items on your list or an entire wardrobe to conquer, Closet of Style® provides a great shopping experience, sans stress. In our first shopping trip together, you will learn about style, cut and, the ever important, fit. Only items that suit your style, body shape and coloring make it to the cash register. We select the most appropriate places to shop together, based on your budget.

Also available for those busy men and women (or for those who are allergic to malls), personal shopping delivered right to your door. I tackle your shopping list and bring wardrobe options to you to try on in the privacy of your own home. Shopping made easy.

Whether we shop together or I go it alone on your behalf, you will begin to understand what items are ‘dressing room worthy’ and why. Shopping with me with forever change the way you view a department floor.

Ready to shop the way shopping was meant to be experienced? Book your personal shopping session today.

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A personal shopping session lasts at least two hours and is billed at my hourly rate.

photo by Harper's Bazaar 2010

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