personalstyleconsult1Everyone has their own, unique style. While it may be difficult for you to articulate what that may be, Closet of Style® is here to help.

I call it style personality. And in order to successfully express your personal style, we must first uncover what makes you you.

In your personal style consultation, we will walk through a few style exercises to channel your inner stylista. We’ll discuss your lifestyle and how it currently relates to your wardrobe. We’ll determine potential gaps in your closet to help make the transition to a fulfilled wardrobe a smooth and pleasant journey. During our consultation, your measurements will be taken and your colors will be analyzed in order to distinguish the styles, cuts and colors that serve you best.

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Exploring Style
Your personal style is evident in everything that you do, as well as the way that you live. The choices you make represent your perception of what is enticing, compelling and meaningful. By understanding your personal style, you will live each and every day expressing it with confidence!

If you haven't yet begun your personal style journey, there's no time like the present. Closet of Style® suggests starting your own style file. While [my] style files can certainly inspire thoughts and ideas, your style is an individual thing. Different images will strike different chords and emotions in you. Clip pictures from magazines that evoke a feeling. These pictures should include wardrobe items, accessories, home décor and geographic locations. Have fun collecting pictures of the things that you love. Here are a few of my style files, or what I call style tear sheets.



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