You are scheduled to leave town for a business trip. Your week is crammed with meetings. You cannot focus on what’s for dinner, let alone packing for your trip. Relax. That’s what Closet of Style® is here for.

Business or pleasure, leave the packing to us. We will plan and pack your entire wardrobe, taking you from day-to-night without a worry in the world. Our business clientele will attest that everything is well thought out, from that big client meeting and company strategy session, to business dinners, events and those casual moments of down time (if any). Wardrobe, accessories and toiletries are planned according to destination.

Our leisure travel clientele enjoy the excitement of leaving for a fun-filled trip without the headache of preparing for it. Keeping climate in mind (weather always checked and printed out), you will find your travel attire laid out for you with notes, in addition to your suitcase packed and ready to go. And of course, your accessories and toiletries are planned according to your destination. All you have to do is open your suitcase to find the greatest outfits pulled together from your own closet with a list of how to wear them.

I hear that sigh of contentment. Let’s get you ready for that upcoming trip. Book your travel planning session today.

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A travel planning session lasts at least two hours and is billed at my hourly rate.

photo by Vogue Italia 2008

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